2010 International Sports Management Conference – Losanna (4-6 novembre)

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Riporto quanto mi ha inviato Denise, ovvero la segnalazione/presentazione di una Conferenza sul Management Sportivo che si terrà questo novembre a Losanna (Svizzera).
Il testo è in inglese, ma mi sembra inutile tradurre. :-)

Dear Sirs and Madams,
We are pleased to announce the 2010 Lausanne International Sports Management Conference: Bridging Research and Practice to be held this November 4-6, 2010 in Lausanne, Switzerland (www.worldeventsforum.com/ismc).

With a specific focus on sports management, our meeting (at its second edition), wishes to engage the community of professionals through a set of discussions between academia, associations and industry, allowing for a higher level of interactivity and learning between them. Our speakers, this year, include:
Sergey Bondarenko, Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee
Gudrun Doll-Tepper, Freie Universität Berlin
Christophe Dubi, International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Detlef Dumon, ICSSPE
Mario Gallavotti, Gallavotti Honorati de Marco
Denis Hainault, Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC)
Roberto Herval, SPORTFIVE GmbH & Co.
Wolfram Klug, International Federation of Basketball Associations (FIBA)
Jean Pierre Martens, Dutch Olympic Committee
Guy Masterman, Sheffield Hallam University
Raija Mattila, International Working Group on Women in Sport (IWG)
Gianni Merlo, International Sports Press Association (ISPA)
Christian Michels, International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA)
Callum Murray, Sportcal
Jeff O’Brien, Dubai Sports City
Emilio Pozzi, International Sports Events, Inc.
Chris Solly, World Academy of Sport
Lilamany De Soysa, European Table Tennis Union (ETTU)
Claude Stricker, AISTS
Ingo Thomann, DFB-Medien
Gorka Villar, Sport Advisers
Andreja Wieser, PROSKE | sports
Urs Zanitti, International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA)
Brigitte Zufferey, International Motorcycling Federation (FIM)

In addition, a special two-hour session on Media Rights will be led by Callum Murray of Sportcal.
Please consider joining us in person this November, and online, at all or any of our virtual platforms.

With our thanks and best wishes for continued success, we remain,
Sincerely –
Conference Secretariat
c/o World Events Forum, Inc.
Tel: +1.773.782.6747
Fax: +1.208.575.5453


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